As a wholesaler you would benefit from World of Judaica’s steeply discounted pricing on large quantity and bulk orders. We are the largest source for Judaica products, Israeli products and all things Jewish, with over 20,000 items at the best possible prices. We specialize in providing wholesale and below wholesale pricing on Israeli goods from Judaica products to Dead Sea cosmetics and more. With international shipping and great customer service, we at Word of Judaica are fully equipped for filling specialized, wholesale, large quantity and bulk orders. For any of your requirements, personalization requests, or type of business, we will address your needs with the best service and highest quality.

Please visit our Wholesale gallery to view our top Judaica products and obtain them in great prices or obtain wholesale pricing on other products, please compile a list of the items that you would like to order, and we will provide you with the best pricing possible for them. Please note that certain items may enjoy a higher discount than others.

In addition, it is important to note that World of Judaica will only ship after receiving the full payment for the items ordered, and does not operate under monthly billing or COD payment options.


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